Five Guys Burgers and Fries….Oh My!


I’m not one to to crazy over restaurants.  I like them or I don’t.  There’s never been a “I WANT TO GO!” mentality with me when it comes to eating out… until now!

Five Guys Burgers and Fries have successfully exploded all around the Untied States!  For me, it’s an hour drive to get to one but OH MAN is it worth the effort!  I have downloaded their app on my phone so if we are out of town somewhere, I can see if there is one of these bad boys in the area!

The trick is finding them.  Sometimes they are a new building:


Sometimes they fit into a strip mall:


Mall food courts, old fast food restaurants, they are sneaking in everywhere!

But what I have found is that when you’ve been to one, you get the EXACT same food regardless of which one you go to.  I personally have been to six different locations and each one has delivered with the same, juicy, mouth-watering burger these guys are known for!


When you go (and you HAVE to go!), I’m going to give you a few tips:

  • The Burger is two patties.  If you only want one, order a “Little” Burger.
  • The drinks are free refill.  Plan ahead!
  • The fries….oh man, sit down for this one!  No matter the size, they add an additional scoop of fries to your bag.  What is pictured above is the small fry.  The large is more like the drink cup.  Again, unless you are REALLY hungry, or have a friend to help, get the small fries!
  • Enjoy the catalog of 80s music playing at EACH location I’ve been to!  For a 40 something like myself, it’s the perfect situation enjoying a burger while “Love is Like a Rock” is playing (and usually the staff joins in with singing or their own brand of having fun!)

Sure, pass by the other burger franchises.  But DO NOT pass by another Five Guys!  You will NOT be sorry!  Listen to this guy go on about them!

I know my wife already knows where to take me for my birthday!  Right, honey?  🙂


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