Trending Topics 2.0

1. The Browns have finally found a veteran quarterback to come in and push Brandon Weeden for the starting job…as former Redskin, Raider, and Bear QB Jason Campbell was signed Tuesday night. Will Campbell beat out Weeden for the starting job?

There are some days I feel like I can beat Weeden for the starting job. I just hope Colt McCoy is involved in the competition for the job this summer.

2. The Strongsville teachers union met with the school board and the federal mediator for over 10 hours last night…and the result, according to Superintendent John Krupinski was: NO PROGRESS. What do you think was going on behind those closed doors, if they met for that long without making any progress. And will this strike last for the rest of the school year?

More than likely. There is more to this story than any outsider knows so anything we hear or say would be speculation.

3. An education video being shown to children in Texas and at schools around the country appears to teach kids that the United States was responsible for the terror attacks on 9/11 due to American policies that anger people in other countries. Should kids be taught that America is to blame for its own attacks by terrorists around the world?

Not necessarily. But they can easily hop on YouTube and watch videos about how our Government planned those attacks. They days of being taught by one voice or ideal is over. Now, more than ever, it’s up to the parents to teach and guide our children to formulate their own opinions.

4. A New Jersey man won $338 million dollars in the Powerball lottery; that’s $221 million dollars after taxes. If you won that much money what would you do with it? Would you quit your job?

In a word, YES!!! If you think about it, taking 20 million dollars and putting it in an account bearing 5% annually will give you ONE MILLION DOLLARS every year without touching the principle. The remaining $201,000,000 becomes completely expendable. You can live on a million a year, can’t you?

5. How do you think the Supreme Court will rule on the same sex marriage ban? Would you vote to allow same sex marriages?

I’ve never seen the threat of the homosexual community. I don’t understand why this is such a hot button issue. Don’t give me any biblical references, I’ve heard it both ways.

6. Troubled Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o showed major improvement in his pro workout day, and many draft analysts have put him back in the first round of the upcoming draft. Reports are the Bears and Ravens are interested in him. Would you like to see Manti Te’o in a Browns uniform?

No. Next question.

7. The 2013 Cleveland National Air Show has been cancelled, along with air shows across the country, due to federal budget cuts. WTAM news reports the Blue Angels are still scheduled for 2104. Should military exhibitions be cancelled this year and even in the future to save money?

Yes. Along with any salary that an elected official would normally be receiving.

8. Scott Kazmir was just named 5th starter in the Indians’ rotation. He had a 3.46 ERA this spring but his last start in the big leagues was in April 2011. Are you concerned about the Indians starting pitching with one week to go in spring training?

I’m a long time Indians fan. Of course I’m concerned about the pitching!!!

9. The Department of Homeland Security has purchased over 2 BILLION rounds of ammunition, most of them hollow-point bullets, within the last calendar year. Homeland Security is NOT the war department…which means these bullets are not for the military. What do you think they are planning to do with that ammo?

This is what the government meant by “dot ask don’t tell”. I can’t even pretend to answer this further without sparking a conspiracy theory debate.

10. Senator Rob Portman is again being spotlighted for his changing position on gay marriage, after his son told him he was gay. Do Portman voters have the right to be angry for a political shift on a key issue after he is already in office?

See answer to #5.

11. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg says drones will patrol New York City, and there is nothing we can do about it. Should Americans sacrifice privacy for safety?

Not sure how the drones will invade our privacy anymore than security cameras already do.

12. Scott Fujita wrote an op-ed that ran in the New York Times over the weekend in support of gay marriage. Actor Jim Carrey just released a song in which he ridicules gun owners for “not caring about the safety of our children.” Do athletes and entertainers have ANY effect on the way the public thinks when they speak out about social or political issues?

Unfortunately, they do. There are a lot of sheep in “the public”.

13. Should Ohio laws been changed so adoptees can get their birth information? Does access to their birth parents medical records outweigh the privacy issues of the birth parents?

As an adopted child, I am all for getting medical history of my biological parents. These days, that could be a life-saver.

14. The Supreme Court announced Monday it would include a Michigan law that would bar public universities from considering race as an admissions factor in its review of affirmative action in higher education. Should college applicants get extra points on their admissions applications for the color of their skin?

Again, no. Want a longer answer? Fine. Nooooooooooooo.


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