Two Cousins Pizza in Lexington and Mansfield, Ohio

You want deep dish?  Check this out!

And it tastes BETTER than it looks!  But don’t judge them by only this photo!  There’s plenty more to this awesome local business!

I haven’t been to Two Cousins too often (and THAT is a lesson on the proper use of the variant “to, two, and too”, folks!) when they were only in Lexington.  We tried them a few times, were pleased with the results but they were too far out of the way for us to make it a regular stop.

Never fear, they moved into Downtown Mansfield!  On Main Street (right side, across the street from City News and Coney Island Diner) they have begun what is sure to be a legendary stay!  I stopped by one day for lunch and took advantage of their combo special of two slices of pizza and a drink for $6.  You can’t get a meal at the golden arches for $6 anymore!  Plus, it’s not pizza that was sitting around.  This is fresh toppings, cheese and crust all recently made and ready to go!

I was so thrilled by my lunch that I brought the family back the next night to take advantage of their Thursday Deep Dish special, 16-inch deep dish pizza with two free toppings for $16.00.  Add a small order of pepperoni rolls and the total came to $20.  Pretty sweet deal!

Now, what can I say about their deep dish?  OH MY GAWD!!!!  I HATE thin crust.  If I want a cracker, I’ll eat a cracker.  And I’m not talking about “New York” style crust.  If you got those two terms confused, we need to get you to a few pizzerias!  This crust is like biting into a slice of homemade bread fresh out of the oven.  The cheese doesn’t string along and the pepperoni is as fresh as can be.  I’m not much of a toppings guy, but I am sure, if my experience is any indication, that the other toppings would be just as fresh and delicious!

They have dine-in available in both of their locations and the hours, menu and other information can be located at their WEBSITE.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some leftovers to dive into!


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