It’s an Interstate, Not Indianapolis!

Let me lead off by saying, I have no problem with speeding.  I would be a hypocrite if I was going to attack those with a lead foot.  This isn’t about them.  This one is about those idiots who see an opening in the next lane just a hair bigger than the vehicle they’re driving and go swooping in like they’re trying to get in a drafting line.

Without regard to the possibility that the person now in front of them may have to break with only a foot clearance or the people behind them, who may have been gaining on them, are now inches away from trading paint with this idiot,  I drove 120 miles yesterday and in that time, I was cut off 6 times and witnessed another 10 incidents occur.

What the hell is wrong with you people?  Is your life THAT busy that you have to publicly display that nobody else’s life matters?  If you want to recklessly kill yourself, by all means, go for it.  But do you have to endanger others when you do so?  I get that traffic is annoying and frustrating.  Just chill out and wait for a proper opening.

I think the days of I-71 bump drafting aren’t too far way at this point.


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