Women and Tattoos

Which Kat Von D would you pick?  You can see my answer below the photo.

The one on the left, hands down, without question.

I totally get women having A tattoo.  A cute shamrock or a heart or something hidden that makes you more mysterious.  However, when you turn yourself into a walking Etch-a-Sketch, I don’t get it and I don’t like it.  Especially the women!  When women get more ink than a BIC factory, you may as well just thrown paint all over a piece of priceless artwork.

That’s right, artwork!  And you don’t have to have Kat Von D’s body for me to make that statement.  I like to think I am not alone when I say that a good majority of women have something that makes them attractive.  Yes, sometimes it is their bodies.  But there are other factors.  Their eyes, a smile, and all joking aside, a personality can make a “plain Jane” seem like a supermodel to me.

You were created (put God or whatever your belief is in the creator’s spot) with a beauty and charm that was designed to mystify us guys (and some of the ladies).  In my opinion (and I know I’m in the minority, here) the graffiti takes away from any subtle beauty you had prior to your becoming a New York Subway car.

I’m not saying ban tattoos, either.  That’s just plain stupid.  This is just one man’s opinion screaming into the night.


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