If You Like it, Share It!

Dear Social Media Audiences:

On behalf of a high percentage of the population who creates content with the intentions of educating, enlightening, inspiring and entertaining you, I have a simple request…

Please share our material!  We enjoy seeing the likes.  We appreciate reading the comments that we receive.  However, everybody has a dream (of varying degrees) of becoming viral.  We cannot do this on our own.  It takes you, the small percentage of the social media world to help us spread the visibility of our blogs, songs, photos and videos.

Think of a New York street corner.  Now if I yell a message, only a small group of people are going to look at me and yell back “Shut the F#!@ up!”  However, if you hear what I said, and you repeat that message, now the audience of my message has grown.  If someone that heard you yells it, and so on, the audience grows exponentially!

As someone who posts photos and video from my business, as a blogger, I can just look at the analytics and tell you what is being shared and what isn’t.  Your shares are THAT powerful!

This isn’t just about me.  This isn’t saying “If you read it, share it!”  I write this blog at 4am.  I KNOW a good bit of it isn’t worth your time reading, let alone telling your friends to read a blog about me washing my hands.

But for those posts that you DO enjoy, agree with, or just in general like, THOSE posts need your help by not only clicking “like” and/or “comment”.  You need to press “share”, as well!


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