What Every Father Should Tell His Daughter!

There have been several posts on Facebook lately about “What Mothers should tell their Sons/Daughters/Children.  In the spirit of equal time, I have compiled the following list that Fathers should tell their Daughters:

200904062001d- Jordan Niemiec, Ryan Niemiec & MacKenzie Niemiec.JPG


  1. Pretty is as pretty does.
  2. You can be pretty, but being intelligent makes you prettier.
  3. When God made you he didn’t make any mistakes. You’re beautiful just the way you are.
  4. Your body is your temple.
  5. You are perfect the way you roll out of bed.  Let’s be clear:  all that crap you do to “get out the door” is for everyone else’s benefit.
  6. Older women wear makeup so THEY can look like YOU. Less is more. A lot less is a lot more.


  1. Don’t blend in; blend out.
  2. Be your biggest cheerleader!
  3. Fairy tales come true only if you go get it.
  4. The internet can harm you just as much as it can help you.
  5. Some days you’ll feel like life sucks, know that the things will always get better with time.


  1. You can do anything a man does.
  2. Learn how to change a tire and jump a car.
  3. Learn to drive a stick-shift.
  4. Get comfortable with power tools.
  5. Liberal arts grow your mind. Science and business keep you fed. You will need both.
  6. You don’t have to enjoy them, but have a working knowledge of the rules for football and baseball.
  7. Know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek, and they key players in both.
  8. Learning your Superheroes wouldn’t hurt, either!  (Your Dad being yours!)


  1. Peer pressure is all about insecurity. Be confident in who you are and you’ll never have to “fit in”. People will come to you.
  2. When someone shows you who they are, believe them the very first time.
  3. People will judge you by the way you look. It isn’t fair, but it’s the way the world works. Keep that in mind as you pick your outfit in the morning.
  4. Never let anyone do your thinking for you. There are far too many people with far too much invested in you believing what they believe.


  1. Feminie hygiene products — Where our daughters are concerned, we would be very happy sticking our fingers in our ears and saying “lalalalalalalala”. Please respect our need to pretend they, and the reason for them, do not exist. The same goes for lacy underthings.
  2. Though he may be smiling on the outside, when you leave for college your father is falling apart on the inside. Don’t forget to call him that first night to tell him you love him.


  1. Know how to make a fist, and throw a punch.
  2. Ladies only fight to protect themselves.
  3. Don’t ever hit a man and not expect to get hit back.


  1. Watch how a man treats his mother, most likely he’ll treat you the same.
  2. Bad boys are fun, but ain’t no changing them.
  3. Don’t hesitate to knee a dude in the sack if he comes into your comfort zone and you feel threatened.
  4. Never seriously date a man you couldn’t marry.
  5. A man will sail to the end of the earth to get to you if he really wants you.
  6. You don’t have to do anything for anyone to love you, just be yourself.
  7. The fastest way to strain a relationship with a man is to bring up old drama. We can’t remember to hang up the bath towel. What makes you think we remember that stupid thing we did 6 months ago?
  8. If a man genuinely loves you, he will let you set the boundaries. Don’t let anyone take something from you they can’t give back. You set the tone for the sexual relationship.
  9. Love yourself even more than he does.
  10. Compare every single boy you ever meet to your daddy. Nobody will love you like he does.

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