Chuck Ramsey and Being a Hero

Let me kick off by quoting a part of an interview Charles Ramsey had on WKYC:

Russ Mitchell:  Do you have any idea of the attention you’re getting around the world right now?  (Ramsey is rolling his eyes and shaking his head during this question.)

Ramsey:  I don’t even want it.  We were looking for a girl that’s why when they keep saying I’m a hero, let me tell you something, I’m an American and I’m a human being.  I’m just like you.  I work for a living.  There was a woman is distress.  So, why turn your back on that?  My father would have whooped the hell out of me if he had found out that I coward out….. you beat a woman, but you won’t help one out?  You a man, huh?  No, I’m the definition of a man, bro.

Can anybody say ROLE MODEL?

Here’s the entire interview with WKYC’s Russ Mitchell and Erin Kennedy:


Thanks to the internet, he’s become more than a hero.


He has become a meme:



And has become totally viral with his interview on the street with WEWS:


As much as I hate when the TRUE message is lost (See Presidential debates and the Big Bird fiasco), this guy is going to end up next to the “Ain’t nobody got time for that” girl.


God bless you, Charles Ramsey!  Yes, you’ve been praised for doing the right and decent thing.  That’s from a society that EXPECTS you to turn the other way.  Thank you for being a decent human being and God Bless your father for bringing you up right!  I hope more people follow your lead and we can become a better community as a whole!


3 thoughts on “Chuck Ramsey and Being a Hero

  1. I had not seen all of Mr. Ramsey’s interviews especially the one with Russ Mitchell. Thanks for posting!
    Oh, and good luck with the Mercedes commercial.

      • I do not see it now, but there was a video at the end stating that a Mercedes commercial was in the works. It was NOT an ad, but an actual homemade YouTube video. The guy in the video talked about his first, second, third car. He then pictured his son learning how to drive.

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