Blogging- Be Careful!

Something people who don’t blog don’t get is the reflection on your family that your cyber words cast.

To a degree, any social media post could potentially cause problems in your “real” life. But that’s just 100 or so
characters that you may look like an idiot for a brief moment. Blogging gives you that rare opportunity to be an idiot in great detail.

I find a lot of things funny. A lot of things make me want to scream. Why don’t I just “let it rip” and get it out of my system? My family.

I don’t want a mindless rant about religion to affect how my wife and children are treated around town. Or make my parents wear bags over their heads like the unknown comic (go ahead and Google that, kids. I’ll wait.)

Sure, a well-worded blog about sexual experiences worthy of Penthouse Forum may gain me a HUGE view count for the day, but there’s that pesky problem of getting that phone call from my parents saying “What were you thinking?” (Not to mention the issues it could cause with the little lady!)

I have a tendency of speaking freely about virtually anything to people. As I become more comfortable expressing myself on here, I will have to become more aware of the fact that I’m not alone in front of my computer at 5am. This forum has given everybody, including me, a platform with the potential of being heard around the world. If you’re trying to keep part of yourself a secret, don’t post it on the Internet in anyway, shape or form!

I will do my best to not embarrass my wife, parents or children. As for upsetting anyone, I cannot control your reactions. As I said, A LOT of things get under my skin. Some of you will agree with me, others will want to reach through their screens and choke me.

In my mind, as long as you’re reacting, you care. And that is half the battle anymore!


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