How to Handle Entering the Highway (This Means YOU!)

I’ve noticed there is an increasing number of people who have no clue how to handle an entrance ramp on the highway.

Let’s start with using the entrance ramp itself.

1)  The entrance ramp is there to allow you to get up to speed with the highway traffic.  Take that advantage!  I’ve been behind too many people who still treat it as a 24mph zone.  No cop EVER has pulled someone over on an entrance ramp for getting up to highway speed.  (A couple doing 80 at the time, but that’s different!)

2)  When entering, you may notice that funny upside down triangle that says “Yield”.  This means that in the instance where you and another car already on the highway are looking to occupy the same space YOU LOSE!  Back off and wait for a proper space to merge into!

3)  When a semi slides over to let you in, please turn on and off your lights (or off and back on, if at night).  It sends a “thank you” to them and also let’s them know that they are clear to get back into the right lane.


Now, for those already ON the highway and are approaching an on-ramp with someone trying to merge in:

1)  If you can, slide over to the left lane.  Your taxes paid for the WHOLE road, not just the right lane.  Why be a douche about it?

2)  If the left lane is blocked (or speed racer is coming up quick on you), feel free to slow up or give it a little more gas to allow the merging car to get in.  Again, no need to be all douchey!

3)  If you are in heavy traffic (but moving) and someone tries to merge INTO you, hit the horn as if it gets louder with more pressure!  THESE are the people you wish you had a James Bond car (or, you know, the Batmobile) so that you could disable that idiot’s car so he could sit and think about where he went wrong.  (No, I’m not bitter)

4)  If you are in heavy traffic (but inching along), feel free to let a car get in front of you.  What’s that extra 8 feet going to get you in gridlock?


It’s not a NASCAR race.  There is no Pace Car to jump in front of before you lose a lap.  It’s traffic.  Work together or be ready with your insurance information.



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