America the Touchy

I used to watch the old Dennis Miller Show when he was on HBO.  The guests were so so but the monologue was fun to watch and he always wrapped up the monologue with one of his “rants”.  The jokes seemed to have a theme and these rants would wrap up that theme in a pretty little bow.

This one below is my favorite.  I’ve quoted it in MANY places on the internet and real life.  It stems from my Grandfather (who was Polish) sitting down at our dinner table and rattling off 10 Pollock jokes in a row.  Previous to that, I was starting fights at school when people would tell them, defending my “heritage”.  Grandpa taught me in that string of jokes that you HAVE to be able to laugh at yourself, don’t take yourself seriously and DON’T let other people’s words control you like strings on a puppet.

Without further ado, here’s Dennis: Continue reading


How are You with the Little Things?

I found this on Google and it got me thinking.


Most of us are pretty good for the big things in life. Births, deaths, weddings, birthdays, and other life events usually brings the best out of people. However, how are you on the day to day events? You are right there when a friend’s relative passes away, but what about just a bad day at work?

I, for one, SUCK at the little things. Thank you cards, being attentive on daily issues, telling people they look nice, reminding people they matter daily. It’s not me. I know it’s not me. I’ve tried making an effort to correct it. Eventually, I slip right back into the same ole rut. I apologize for it, but after all these years, it is what it is.

What about you? How are you with the daily grind? Do you have anybody in your life that is?

And in the spirit of this message, I would like to thank all of you who read my writings and rumblings. This blog has crossed the 4,000 views in a pretty short time without a big name or publishing site helping me. I appreciate you reading this. Commenting and sharing is VERY appreciated! 😉

Idolizing and Putting People on a Pedistal

Comedian Greg Barent once said “Be inspired by people, sure.  But never idolize anybody because they’ll just let you down.”  In the past few weeks, doesn’t that sound about right?

  • Gordon Gee, The Ohio State University President, had to step down due to remarks he made about Notre Dame, Catholics and the SEC.  Those remarks were made in a closed room meeting and were leaked by someone who recorded it.
  • Cleveland athletes Chris Perez and Josh Gordon both had drug issues arise this past week and now they both face suspensions and fine from their respective teams.
  • Erin Brockovich is arrested for driving a boat while under the influence.

Everyone idolizes somebody as a kid.  Your parents, Barbie, Superman, the police and firefighters.  It’s what makes childhood fun.

For me, there have been several instances where I was too close and ended up idolizing people who have let me down. Continue reading