How are You with the Little Things?

I found this on Google and it got me thinking.


Most of us are pretty good for the big things in life. Births, deaths, weddings, birthdays, and other life events usually brings the best out of people. However, how are you on the day to day events? You are right there when a friend’s relative passes away, but what about just a bad day at work?

I, for one, SUCK at the little things. Thank you cards, being attentive on daily issues, telling people they look nice, reminding people they matter daily. It’s not me. I know it’s not me. I’ve tried making an effort to correct it. Eventually, I slip right back into the same ole rut. I apologize for it, but after all these years, it is what it is.

What about you? How are you with the daily grind? Do you have anybody in your life that is?

And in the spirit of this message, I would like to thank all of you who read my writings and rumblings. This blog has crossed the 4,000 views in a pretty short time without a big name or publishing site helping me. I appreciate you reading this. Commenting and sharing is VERY appreciated! 😉


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