My Encounter with a Ouija Board

After watching “The Conjuring”, I couldn’t help but recall my own run-in with the supernatural.

Back in the early 90’s, I was working at a local grocery store just before I took off for college. One night, just before closing, I decided to go visit my friends and see what was going on after work.

I walked up to the store, a friend of mine was sweeping the breezeway out front. We both said our salutations and I went into the store. I stopped by the service desk and was chatting with some people when my boss came out of his office looking pale. We asked if he was okay and he responded “I have worked in that office for ten years and tonight, for the first time, I am hearing voices in the vents.”

We were all looking at him as if to say “yeah, right” when my friend, who was sweeping, came in with a similar pale look on his face. We asked what was wrong with him and he said that the ashtray fell over.

There are a few things to note about this incident:

  • It’s on of those cylindrical ashtrays with pounds of sand at the bottom of it.
  • There was nobody around it when it went over.
  • There were no animals running from it when it went over.
  • It was sitting flat on a bricked surface.

At this point, I determined it was time to go. I was just about home, just about to turn onto the street I was living on when suddenly the dome light came on inside my car. The passenger door, which hadn’t been used for days prior, suddenly opened just enough to set off the light.

The next day, I was pulled over for speeding at that exact spot.

I never obsessed about that night. But 18 months later as I was sitting in my girlfriend’s dorm room with a group of friends and a Ouija Board came out, I had to start asking questions. Nobody knew of the incident, and the answers were weird enough that I figured nobody would guess ALL of the them. So I started asking “the spirits” (yes, I was still skeptical at this point)

Is there a spirit with me? (Points to “yes”)

Have you been with me for years? (Yes)

Did you make yourself known at the store? (Yes)

Were you talking to my boss? (Yes)

Where were you when you did that? (V-E-N-T)

Okay, you have my attention at this point. So I continued.

Did you also do something outside? (Yes)

What did you mess with? (A-S-H-T-R-A-Y)

Did you get goosebumps? I did!

So what was your sign to me? (L-I-G-H-T)

Where was the light at? (C-A-R)

How did you turn on the light? (D-O-O-R)

WHAT….THE….HELL?!?!? So, not being spooked enough, I had to ask….

Why did you do that? (W-A-R-N)

Warn me about what? (C-O-P)

At this point, I had let go of the pointer, grabbed a beer and sat in the corner of the room and watched the rest of the night.

I haven’t touched a Ouija Board since.

Although, I do pay closer attention to the little signs now.


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