Being a Cleveland Sports Fan

So the Indians are one and done in the playoffs.  If tradition holds, the Browns will follow suit with a poor performance tonight.

I’ve been and Indians fan all my life and a Browns fan since ’84 (a Steeler fan before that). I am (admittedly) a fair-weather fan of the Cavs since I don’t care as much about basketball.  I casually follow the Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL, since I don’t get to see many of their games.

What has that given me in my almost 42 years on this Earth?

  • Four Super Bowl titles from the Steelers in the 70’s
  • Three Stanley Cups for the Penguins.

And you wonder why I have a hard time saying ANYTHING to Pittsburgh fans about a poor season.

I lived in Pittsburgh for two years while I went to school there.  What was the comparison between the two cities?

  • Indians, 100 losses both years.  Pirates, NLCS both years.
  • Browns, 4-12 seasons.  Steelers, AFC Championship games.
  • Cavs, fighting for draft picks.  Penguins, two Stanley Cups.

And outside of the Penguins (because the Blue Jackets weren’t even in existence yet) I remained a Browns and Indians fan while surrounded by all of that winning.  Granted, I did come back home just in time for the Jacobs Field era to start (and the Browns move).  I also convinced myself that it was okay to root for the Pirates since they are a National League team!

What’s the point?  Like Mike Polk once said “There is an honor and a dignity in the futility” of being a Cleveland fan.   If I stayed a Cleveland fan after being in Pittsburgh those years, I am not going anywhere.  Say what you want about me and my teams (and you will) but the one thing you can not call me is a fair-weathered Browns or Indians fan…. BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN RAINING AND SNOWING IN THOSE STADIUMS FOR DECADES!