Waiting for Next Year… Again!


So December is upon Northern Ohio once again.  And with the first snowfall brings the familiar battle cry of every sports fan in the region.  “JUST WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!!”  With the exception of the 2002 Ohio State National Championship, EVERY season North of I-70 has ended with this all too familiar phrase during my lifetime.  Leaving the Buckeyes out of it, that’s a combined total of 171 seasons with 33 playoff appearances (18, of which, are first round losses), 3 Championship games with NO CHAMPIONSHIPS!  The Buckeyes alone have 3 Championship games with one Championship in the 43 years I’ve been around to witness them.

I’m thankful that Cleveland doesn’t have a hockey team.  When I moved to Pittsburgh to attend college in 1991, I stayed true to the Browns and Indians during my time there.  I was, however, able to root for the Penguins, who won TWO Stanely Cups in the two seasons I lived there!  (Fan for 22 years, 18 playoff appearances, 6 first round ejections, 4 Championship rounds, THREE Championships!)

October 2 seems like an eternity ago.  The Indians were preparing for a playoff game.  The Browns were in a three way tie for the division lead, the Cavs were a week away but sounded promising, and the Buckeyes were 5-0, winners of 17 straight.  In the ten weeks since then, The Indians lost that playoff game, the Cavs are horrific 7-13, the Browns have been 2-6 and the Buckeyes ran the table on the season but lost the Big Ten Championship game last night to MSU, taking themselves out of the BCS Championship Game.

Wait until next year….

I’ve seen it all as a Cleveland sports fan.

  • Red Right 88

Just wait until next year.

  • The Drive

Just wait until next year.

  • The Fumble

Just wait until next year.

  • Browns move to Baltimore

Just wait until next year.  (Well, there was a three year wait on this one)

  • Jordan’s Miracle Shot over Craig Ehlo

Just wait until next year.

  • 1995 World Series

Just wait until next year.

  • 1997 World Series

Just wait until next year.

  • 2007 NBA Finals (Cavs lose 4 straight)

Just wait until next year.

  • Bottlegate

Just wait until next year.

  • The Decision

Just wait until next year.

  • And Brandon Weeden!

And all the while, we get to hear THIS from the Pittsburgh Steeler fans…

It’s been a LONG wait being a Cleveland fan.  A local comedian, Mike Polk, sums up the frustrations of the fans perfectly in his video rants he does outside the stadium from time to time.  Here are the three he’s done so far, with the most recent first:

From 2011:

And the original “Factory of Sadness” rant:

It’s hard being a Cleveland fan.  Each season new hope, each result another disappointment.  The Indians wonder why they don’t draw fans during the season.  Clevelanders have been through MANY seasons where there was a lot of winning going on, just to have the carpet yanked out from under them when the postseason arrives.  This town, much like Boston a decade ago, deserves a winner.  The fans have been loyal and supportive.  We yell, scream and curse because we care.

Just wait until next year.  And to that I say:

I am officially changing my annual chant from “Just wait until next year” to:

clebb2 cle2a


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