Quit Crying About the Weather!

This morning my Facebook wall was ALIVE with the sounds of something off of a Peanuts cartoon


Why are you people so surprised by winter weather?  So for you, with a little help from Bill Engvall, here’s Ohio weather in a nutshell:

In the spring, it’s nice and it rains a little bit.
In the fall, it’s beautiful.
In the winter it is cold and snowy.
And in the summer it is hot and humid.


But EVERY year I have to hear about how horrible the winter is in the buckeye state.  “I don’t remember it being this cold before.”  It just makes  me want to Gibbs slap somebody and yell “LAST WINTER!”

Why do you think we Ohioans have the battle cry “Hey, at least it ain’t snowing!” for the rest of the year?

I am no Meteorologist, but I am willing to bet there will be another cold and snowy streak about this time next year, too!

So quit your crying, grab a shovel, and count down the days until Spring Training like the rest of us!

Or, you know,…move south.


Just Say “Thank You”!

Someone sneezes.

You say “God bless you.”

They get upset and read you the riot act for bringing “your” God into it.

They proceed to tell you why your beliefs are “wrong” and their’s are “right”.

They belittle you. Try to bring you down. Make you question the very foundation of your beliefs.

All for wishing them well after sneezing. When you could have very easily just yelled “cover your mouth, idiot!”

Why can’t they just realize your intent and just say “Thank you”?