The “I’m Telling Mom!” Mentality

Remember when we were kids and when there was a fight, somebody would end up yelling “I’M TELLING MOM!” and run off for parental back-up? Unfortunately, there are a great number of adults who never grew out of this mentality.

I don’t want to get off on a rant here, but I am sick and tired of this whole “harassment” epidemic in this country. I am not talking about the obvious cases where women are getting groped and guys are getting threatened (or the other way around). I am talking about telling an off-color joke to a friend who you know will appreciate/enjoy it and having some nosey Nancy (or Ned) listen in, not care for it (or worse, doesn’t really care about the joke but has an issue with you personally) and immediately runs to management claiming they were harassed instead of confronting you to explain that they didn’t care to hear that kind of (joke, topic, etc.).

Why must there be a constant tug-of-war at every turn in your workplace?

On the flip side, why can’t the “offender” simply say “I’m sorry, I won’t let it happen again.” and just make sure to keep future jokes away from the offended party?  Why must there be a “Oh, screw them!  I’ll show them for telling me what I can and can’t say!” course of action?

Bottom line, just be polite. Try communicating with each other first. We ARE all adults here, right? Right?

I wish I can say that the playground was left behind in our childhood. Unfortunately, they just put cubicles in it.

Is it really worth having a person lose their job and not support their family all because YOU didn’t like a Knock-Knock joke?


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