In the dead of winter, as the rest of the city scurries to their local grocery stores to stock up ahead of the 4 to 8 inches of snow that is about to fall across the region, I sit down in front of my picture window. The curtains are drawn back and I sit, with the lights off, admiring the show. To most it is a scene of school closings, hazardous road conditions, and shoveling. To me, it is so much more.

As I watch each flake fall, I admire how each one is completely different from all of the others. As they reach the ground, they work together to form a beautiful winter scene. This warms my heart. Especially in the dead of night where the only sights are blanketed in white and the only sound is the subtle winter chill in the air. I feel sorry for those who aren’t able to see the beauty of what nature has created for us.  To hear the kids laughing and cheering making snowmen, starting snowball fights, and sled riding.  Oh, what wonderful memories those are.

That’s when I realized why I cherish snowfall. They are just like memories. Each memory is unique from every other memory. Both yours and anybody else’s. Each one formed as it happens and it floats into your brain. One by one they pile up. Every birthday, childhood friend, every relationship, every family member, every family gathering, every teacher, every classmate, every roommate, every wedding, childbirth, vacation, job, love, heartbreak, funeral, everything that happens is another flake in the raging snowstorm in your brain. It never stops.

When you get a chance to take a step back and admire the scene they have created, you finally get to take in the big picture. You realize, despite those difficult times you had to endure, it’s been a beautiful life.

Sit back in your picture window and enjoy.



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