There’s No Place Like Home

What makes “home”, home?

Is it where you were raised?
Where your parents are?
Where your job is?
Where your favorite sports team plays?

They say home is where your heart is. I can buy that philosophy. Your heart wants comfort, a place where it can be free from worry, if only for a little while. Each of us has our priorities in a different order. Family, health, job and/or money, friends, love life, we all rank them differently (and the people inside those categories, as well).

For me, I still live within 30 miles of my parents. We call/text/Twitter/Facebook/visit on a regular basis. It is nice to “go home” at catch up, but it’s not “home”. Friends? If you look at my friends from 10 years ago, there is not one on that list today. I could say the same thing 10 years ago. It’s just how my life is. As much as I would like to say friends are a great foundation, I know how extremely volatile that particular group can be. Which brings me to my foundation, my home.

That would be my Wife and kids.

Sure, pessimists could say “Well, she could divorce you and then what?  Your foundation is gone.” True, but if one goes through life thinking that way, you’ll never truly have a “home”. Your life will be just one train station after another on your journey to nowhere. For the sake of argument, say she were to leave.  I still have my children, who were created with said divorcee. So, like it or not, she is a foundation for my “home” (as I am her’s).

Stepping away from the dark side of the topic. I have built everything around the three of them. Without them, I am just a live-action version of Jenga waiting for someone to pull the wrong piece out.  All of my accomplishments, defeats, worries, joy, everything means nothing without them. The fact is, I can’t imagine my life without them.

I’m fortunate enough to say I will never find out!


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