How do you Feel After Hanging Out with People?

How do you feel after spending time with a group of people?  Are you ready for bed? Do you need a drink? Or does it feel like you’re Superman and just went sunbathing?

For me, I LOVE hanging around creative types. People who like playing the “what if” game. I look forward to talking with people who think beyond their current status. To create something out of thin air. A friend of mine called me one day and asked about doing a YouTube show featuring the local talent in the area. A few meetings later and we had the “Mid Ohio Rock Show”, which currently has been seen over 90,000 times in 140+ countries without a single lick of promotion to it. Not bad for a regional gig. My work there has created other opportunities to work with the creative branch of our society.

I have been fortunate enough to get hired to film local bands, dance recitals, and the occasional celebrity. Every time I am in their presence, the presence of creative skill and talent, I feel empowered. Like their creativity and my creativity just engulf the room and the mutation of all that creativity bursts into a kinetic energy that feeds the souls of the artistic. Others know the sensation as putting a smile on your face.

For those staring at the screen like the old RCA dog, no other explanation will do to bring you up to speed as to what I’m talking about.

The creative vibe is addictive to the creative mind. You feed off of it. You don’t know you’re craving it until you are consumed by it again. You never know when that moment will hit where someone will say two words and the next thing you know there’s a song, a sketch, a video idea, a story flourishing right before your eyes.

It’s magic in its purest form. Taking absolutely nothing and creating something that (hopefully) the masses will enjoy and appreciate.

“PRESTO! I call it ‘Stairway to Heaven’!”

Take the old Aerosmith story.  Aerosmith was working on its third studio album, Toys in the Attic. The members of the band had written the music for a song but couldn’t come up with any lyrics to go with it. After a while, they decided to take a break and see a late night showing of Young Frankenstein, where the gag inspired them to write the hit “Walk This Way”.

Now try not thinking about Marty Feldman next time you hear the song! 

“It’s pronounced EYE-gore!”

The creative vibe. Something social media can’t give you. Making being social that much more necessary!



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