Why Are You Defending the Guilty?

Yet another LOL & SMH moment comes when somebody is CLEARLY in the wrong, they are called on it and the public doesn’t rally around the “whistleblower” in support of a “we all need to do the right thing” mantra. Instead, they rally around the person who was CLEARLY in the wrong.  As if to say “HELL YEAH! We liked that they were working counterproductively to the situation and screw you for ruining that for everybody!”

Or it could sound like this:

“‘Dem damn cops arrested Jimmy again last night. He wasn’t doin’ nothin’ to nobody. That store window he was coming out of was already broke when he got there.”

Or like this:

“It’s YOUR fault I slept with those other three guys. If you would treat me better, I wouldn’t be that way.”

I can go on, but the bottom line is when are we, as a society AND (especially) as individuals, going to start taking responsibility for our own actions?

I tell my children all the time when they say “She’s making me mad”, she (or others) can’t make you anything. It’s on you how you react or handle yourself in a situation. It boils down to this:

And if the intellect of that meme is too great for you, let me break it down further for you:


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