Don’t Step on that Square! It’s Lava!

It’s amazing how many people have such a strong reaction to the Supreme Court decision to allow Gays to marry. Everything from “The world is going to end!” (which isn’t too funny since it has seemingly been raining around here for the past 40 days!) to “What’s next, allowing man/boy love?”

Really? Is it THAT big of a deal? I mean, come on! Gay marriage didn’t even make the top 10 commandments! (Although working on Sunday, disrespecting your parents, using the Lord’s name in vain, killing, adultery, stealing, and lying all made the list. How many are you guilty of?)

Perhaps it was listed on this third tablet…

But seriously, the whole thing has me thinking. With the 4,200+ religions that exist in the world, and how many believe that THEIR way is the way EVERYBODY should act, it reminds me of walking through a store where the tiles are different colors and you and your sibling/friend are avoiding certain tiles believing that you will burn in lava. Then someone else steps in the “lava” square and you yell “NO! THAT’S LAVA! YOU’RE BURNING!” and their response is “I’m not playing that game.” Your rules don’t matter to them and they did what they wanted to without any consequence, no matter how hot that lava was to you.

And that’s the point I would like to make. Not everybody is playing by the same “rules”. I am by no means belittling anybody’s beliefs (and I only mentioned the commandments because Catholicism is my background…stick with what you know!) 4,200+ different religions, some saying contradictory things to another’s beliefs (and some contradicting themselves) and you’re going to end up with people arguing over situations like this.

The Muslims don’t allow their women to be viewed in public.  The Jewish community lights candles for 8 nights. Catholics and Christians drag in trees inside and cover them with lights to celebrate the birth of Jesus (and paint eggs to celebrate his rising.) It doesn’t make sense to you unless you happen to be one of those who are “playing the game” (Like walking across the playground when someone suddenly taps you and yells “YOU’RE IT!” when you have no clue what is happening. “I’m not playing.”)

That being said, just because gay marriage is a tile made of lava to you, it may just be another random tile to someone else. What does marrying someone of the same sex have anything to do with you? I, for one, am more concerned about the liars, thieves and murderers (known to some as “The Government”) that have a direct effect on my life and the lives of those I care about than whether or not “Adam & Steve” can get tax, insurance, and other spousal benefits.

I’ve never heard that if you don’t make sure those around you behave themselves in the eyes of the Lord, that you too will wind up in Hell. So just relax. If they are, indeed, wrong by the word of the big guy upstairs, they will pay for that in the afterlife. God doesn’t need your help down here.

So, enjoy your freedom to marry! I’m looking forward to seeing how you’ll raise the bar on wedding designs! (Sorry, I had to go there!)

It will be interesting to see what your divorce (another Biblical no-no) rate will be now that it is easier to tie the knot. (Can you imaging watching “Gay Divorce Court”?) Perhaps this will prove that ALL marriage should have a few extra hoops to jump through to achieve the brass (or gold-plated) ring. That way, only the couples who REALLY want it shall get it and we would cut down on the spontaneous, drunken mistakes that currently drive up the divorce rate.

…but that’s another blog.


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