Thank You, from a Stranger

In social media, it is common place to gripe, complain, or get offended over anything. The amount of negativity found online has become a cyber tsunami looking to wipe out any ounce of kindness and happiness that we possess.

Kindness found in our own private microcosms has been passed over with the mentality of “Well, you’re my Mom. You’re SUPPOSED to say nice things.” Our personal friends are SUPPOSED to be supportive and nice to us. That’s why they are your friends! But all too often, we don’t show the appreciation for that small, but meaningful, gesture.

This blog, although seeming to do that EXACT thing, is not about close friends and family. It is about the kindness of a stranger and thanking them!

If someone you didn’t know messaged you on Facebook asking to watch a video and give a critique on it, would you do it? I know most of us would respond with “Do I know you?”

With that being said, (and not taking away from those in my private life who DO support me and my endeavors) I would like to take a moment to thank three people who not only responded, but were already leading (by normal standards) double and triple lives who STILL took time out of their schedules to help me, despite not knowing who I was at the time.

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